Our four core values are present in everything we do: WHAT we are, WHO we are and what we STAND FOR.


Doing good while doing business. We contribute to positive social development, first and foremost by looking inside our organization and work in a sustainable way, this reflects in our clients and partners as well.

For us,
– sustainable work is balance between working hours, workload and life.
– sustainable relationships, both inside and outside the organization, are to inspire and being inspired to take a holistic approach towards all areas in an organization.
– sustainable products and services are the result of working iteratively and collaboratively, continuously improving and maintaining a high quality for both clients and society.



We are all equal – our Rockstars, board members, clients, partners or other stakeholders, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious affiliation, etc. We constantly work towards making a male-dominated technology-intensive industry become more equal. Inclusive also means a two way communication at all levels: telling our story as well as listening to yours. So, let’s connect and take the leap into the future together!




An experience beyond technical development. We listen, learn and share! Development on all levels appears when there is an equal two way communication regardless of the individuals or organizations involved, being aware of the fact that change is the only constant and having the confidence to always create in the present moment. This gives us Continuous Improvement – today, tomorrow and beyond.



This may be a bit odd in this context. For us, however, this is an important core value and we seriously want to take the position as the rockstars of the VR and AR-world. What does it mean to be a rockstar? For us it means to be a known player in the market with strong integrity. Dare to stand out and dare to go our own way, and this means that our dreamers, doers and the ones with the mind-blowing ideas will be given the opportunity to thrive and be their own unique kind of rockstar.