The technological development has reached a point where real-time experiences and Virtual Reality (VR) are no longer a futuristic vision – The future and the technology is here and the challenge lies in finding relevant and profitable tools that match your organization.

Based on these conditions, an embryo for a new business has emerged. The start signal was when we received a request to use our existing skills and experience in game development to create visualizations of real estate objects in VR. The idea is that prospective home buyers should be able to visit houses, which are not yet produced, completely immersed by the virtual environment.

The opportunity of being a pioneer in the VR industry combined with having a competence that would make us competitive in the market led to the decision to start a business within this segment. We were fully convinced that BoldArc could establish a thriving business and reach a strong position in the market. We have a curiosity and a drive to participate in this journey when the real-time experiences and VR products market now start to gain momentum.


Real-time Technology

With many years of experience in the real-time technology industry, we are accustomed to working with real-time engines. This give us an undisputable advantage over our competitors from the architectural and constructional industries.


Our background enables us to carefully choose the real-time engine which maximizes the visual experiences. Our aim is to constantly offer more attributes to the real-time experiences while continuing to make the experience more and more realistic.



A common concept in game development is “gamification”. By applying this concept in our business, and using game engines in the development of our real-time experiences, we take the concept “gamification” to a whole new level. Using a game engine, also known as a real-time engine, in the development process transforms the experience from static to interactive, and a high quality end result is achieved. In other words, the concept “gamification” is implemented in the daily life at BoldArc.