Adding an extra dimension

BoldArc offers an extra dimension, both literally and figuratively. BoldArc’s products are built on the four pillars high quality, spatial awareness, interactive experience and visual & audial effects. With products on the bleeding edge, BoldArc addresses the clients who want to be on the leading edge. Our clients are going through a digitalization process where they realize the value of how immersive storytelling can be used as a part of the process.

BoldArc offers both generic and tailor-made B2B applications. Our applications consist of environments based on real-time technology. Real-time environments can be experienced on a flat screen, in Virtual Reality and in Augmented Reality. Our applications also generate images - in 2D and in 360 - with the push of a button, and movies - in 2D and in 360 - can easily be produced from the same application, which makes our offer very cost effective.

  • Strengthen your company brand by being on the leading edge

  • Increase your revenues with immersive experiences and improved sales tools

  • Reduce cost through automation, higher efficiency and enhanced decision making

Please, let us hear more about how we can contribute to your digitalization and revolutionize your business!

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