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V-Rex – Experience your architectural design in VR with the push of a button!

V-Rex enables you to create stylistic real-time environments from an architectural design with the push of a button. The architectural design can be experienced, in a high graphical quality, both on a flat screen and in Virtual Reality. V-Rex allows you to navigate in the virtual environment with intuitive controls to experience all the details in real-time.

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 Adding value


★ Enhanced spatial conception of the architecture

★ Improved communication with all stakeholders in the project

★ Better decision making in the planning stage and in the construction process

★ Reduced errors = Reduced costs





★ Walk mode & Fly mode – Toggle between a walk-around mode, where surfaces are solid, and a flying mode where you have total freedom to fly through the walls.

★ Full VR support – Immerse yourself fully using Virtual Reality, and experience true room scale visualization.

★ Sun simulation – Examine the sun’s effect on your architectural design by using the realistic sun simulation.

★ Real time bounce lighting – Activate this feature to experience when light sources cast more realistic illumination.

★ Sketch mode – Experience your architectural design in a clean visual style with less distractions.

Technical information

V-Rex is a real-time visualization tool designed to enhance the workflow of architectural design.

The tool consists of two parts:

1. A plugin for the relevant CAD suite

2. An application based on the Unreal game engine. This part
enables real-time rendering and full support for VR.

The two parts work in concert to bring your design to life in a real-time rendered environment, presented in a clean architectural style.

V-Rex currently supports Autodesk Revit, with support for other software coming soon!